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How to apply for Kerala University Transcript?

Procedure to get the Transcript from Kerala UniversityHow to apply for Kerala University Transcript?
Documents Required for Transcript.

1.University of Kerala Form for General %26amp; Exam Purpose, with the cash receipt attached.

2.Cash receipt of 1000/-.

3.Counterfoil for the cash receipt mentioned in point 2 (small paper piece).

4.Mark sheets, 8 in number (Attested photo copies).

5.Provisional Certificate (Attested photo copy).

6.Degree Certificate (Attested photo copy).

7.Transcript Format(2 copies).

8. Additional copies of 4, 5, 6 %26amp; 7, in case required.

Things to be done:

1.Go with all the documents mentioned above to the office near the entrance of the University, it鈥檚 called Information Centre .

2.There you have to buy a General Purpose Form i.e. Point 1 mentioned above for 10/- Rs.

3.Then a a cash receipt from the Finance block behind the main university block. You just need to follow the road to the back of the University (better idea ask someone where you need to make the payment).

4.After that get a ticket from the Information Center to enter the B.Tech block (which will be pink in color, hope so!). This will be provided on showing the entire documents mentioned above or just the General purpose form (as in point 1). There are 2 timings, one is 12pm to 1pm and second is from 3pm to 5pm.

5.Go with this to the B.Tech Block, which would be to the right of the main university block (ask anyone about the location).

6.Present the ticket to the security at the entrance.

7.B.Tech would be on the 2nd or 3rd floor, signs would be there.

8.Go inside, there you would find a paper stuck on the wall indicating which desk you should go to for a particular college. Search for your college.

9.Present all the documents above, EXCEPT THE COUNTERFOIL (mentioned in point 3). You have to produce this when you have to go and collect the transcript.

10.Enquire when you need to come and collect the document. They said it would take 1 鈥?3 weeks. Please enquire about this.

They will give you a number which you can call up to verify whether its ready or not.How to apply for Kerala University Transcript?
hello , i have just one question. do we need to type in the marks in the transcript form, or do it handwritten. I tried to type in,but its not working. if we do it handwritten.wii they attest the same hand written copy or give their own transcript other than this. please do give me reply.

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    if i have a supplementary in one i need to change the marks accrordingly in the final the final marks in the marklist does not include the supplementary marks, though on clearing it, i have passed barch!